Which Fast Charging Technology Is Best?

Which Fast Charging Technology Is Best?

Which Fast Charging Technology Is Best?

Which Fast Charging Technology Is Best?
Know which fast charger is best for you, VOOC Flash Charge 3.0, Adaptive Fast Charging, Quick Charge 3.0 or Warp Charge.

VOOC Flash Charge 3.0

VOOC charge is a super-fast charging technology by Oppo. Oppo claims that charging a device with VOOC charge for 10 minutes will last up to 2hours of talktime.

VOOC charge can charge an Oppo device 0 to 75% in just 30 minutes, because of its higher current flow than a normal Standard USB 2.0 charger.While delivering 5 V – 4 A to the device it’s adapter remains cool. All thanks to its VOOC Flash Circuit Technology.

Oppo revolutionized the whole charging technology for smartphones by introducing VOOC charge. And Oppo constantly upgrading its VOOC charge and licensing its technology to other brands.
OnePlus for Warp charge and Vivo for Super Flash Charge through BBK Electronics.

VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 comes with a newly launched budget smartphone Realme XT, which claims that 5 times faster than other standard chargers. Because 20W of power delivers 5 V, 4 A which fully charges a device in just 80 minutes.

Realme VOOC Flash Charge Charger

Adaptive Fast Charging

Adaptive Fast Charging technology is exclusively built for Samsung’s Galaxy devices. Samsung’s own Exynos chipset is fully compatible with it’s 24 W fast charging via USB-PD 3.0 PPS(Programmable Power Supply). They have a special charger for high-end devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which supports 45W power and delivers 10 V, 4.5 A output via 5 A cable.

Samsung is shipping 15 W Adaptive Fast charger in the box for mid-range smartphones. Samsung Galaxy A50 supports 15W adaptive fast charging which takes 30 minutes to charge 30% and almost 2 hours to fully charge a device.

Samsung Adaptive Charge Quick Charge 3.0

Quick Charge 3.0

Qualcomm rolled out its fast charging technology named as Quick Charge in 2013. Quick Charge 3.0 is one of them which supports 36 W power and delivers 3.6 V to 22 V, 2.6 A or 4.6 A output. Qualcomm claims that it can charge a device up yo 80% in just 35 minutes.

Latest Quick Charge 4.0+ claims that 5 minutes of charging will last a device for 5 hours. The cable quality detector feature detects the condition of the cable and flows power accordingly. It haves an extra layer of protection that prevents your device from damage and Dual Charge technology helps the device to remain cooler while charging.

Redmi Note 8 Pro is the first budget phone which comes with MediaTek Helio G90T processor. And this phone supports 18 W fast charging while charging this device and we notice that 30 minutes of charging lead the battery to 40 % via USB C Type. The device remains cooler while charging but charging speed is not that much faster.

Xioami Quick Charge 3.0 Charger

Warp Charge

Warp Charge Technology was rolled out in 2016 by OnePlus. Which comes with Dual Charge and standard of 22.5 W charging. OnePlus claims that standard 22.5 W charger can charge a Oneplus 6T device from 0 to 60 % in just 35 minutes.

After the release of Oneplus 7 Pro, they claim that 50 % charging in just 20 minutes. All thanks to 30 W charger and a special cable in the box. OnePlus is one of the leading premium smartphone brands in India, and that’s the reason they are setting new standards in the segment. Warp Charge is faster than other charging technology but they introduced new Warp Charge 30T.

But the question is “Fast Charging a device is safe”
Yes, Oneplus uses all necessary safety guards on its charging circuits, and has better power management technology. So feel free to charge your phone with Fast charger.

OnePlus 7T comes with all-new Warp Charge 30T. Which has the ability to deliver 30W charging and charge a device from 0 to 70% in just 30 minutes. Because of Warp Charge 30T, you can charge less and it will last long.

OnePlus Warp Charge 30T Charger


Still, the question is which is the best and fast charging technology?

Charging comparison

Realme VOOC Flash charge is the clear winner because of its 20W max power a phone charge up 75% in just 30 minutes. Although Warp charge and Quick charge also deliver good output in just 30 minutes, but they still need some improvements to reach the VOOC charges level.
Samsung Adaptive Charger performance is not good it takes approx 2 hours to charge a phone. Comparatively, it’s not a fast-charging level performance.

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