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WhatsApp is coming up with cool new features, which will now allow you to mute those annoying groups forever. This feature appears on the latest Beta Update on google play by WABetaInfo.

New Group Mute Features

WhatsApp groups messages and privacy is the biggest problem of may users. Many people have a complaint about adding them unknowingly to a group by a random person or by those he meets once only, but now no one can add anyone to the random group without permission. WhatsApp introduced some of the privacy features a few months back, Which gives the control on the user’s hand to choose who can add them in any group.

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Now WhatsApp is working on the group mute feature. Previously you can only mute group for a limited time like 8 Hours, 1 Week & 1 Year. But in the future, we can mute those annoying groups forever.
For now, this feature is under testing by the Google Play Beta Testers. We can expect a new stable version with this feature, although WhatsApp is working on a message disappearing and multiple device support features for a long time.

Previous Features

As we know WhatsApp is acquired by Facebook. After that Facebook has done lots of changes in the User interface, Privacy, and many more. In the latest stable build, they introduced QR codes, Animated Stickers, and Dark mode for Web and Desktop.


Animated stickers: Stickers are one of the fastest-growing ways people communicate on WhatsApp, with billions sent every day. We are rolling out new animated sticker packs that are even more fun and expressive.

QR codes: We are making it easier than ever to add new contact. Soon when you meet someone new, you will be able to scan their QR code to add them to your contacts. No more tapping in their digits one at a time.

Dark mode for WhatsApp Web and Desktop: The incredibly popular Dark Mode theme now extends to your computer.

Source – WhatsApp Blog
  • These features are only available for Google Play Beta Testers.
  • Stable built could roll out soon for all.

Credits – Photo by MORAN on Unsplash

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