Whatsapp Will Stop Working In This Devices From 2020, Check Out Now.

Whatsapp Will Stop Working In This Devices From 2020, Check Out Now.

Whatsapp Will Stop Working In This Devices From 2020,
Whatsapp is withdrawing support from some devices as they have already mentioned in their FAQ section. From the past few years, Whatsapp has withdrawn support from many older devices like Blackberry, Nokia, Android, and IOS devices.

Whatsapp Will Stop Working In This Devices From 2020.

These devices are losing support due to there old Operating system.
Here is the list of all devices which will not support the WhatsApp’s chat feature form 2020.

  • All Windows Operating System phones.
  • Apple’s IOS 8 running devices and older will stop working.
  • Android devices with Android versions of 2.3.7 and older.
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How to Back-up your Chats?

Facebook-owned Whatsapp will not allow you to access your data after discontinuation. If you are using a Windows 10 device and don’t want to lose your chat data then quickly follow these steps. These steps will help you to export your important data form windows devices.

  • Open the chat or group you want to export.
  • Tap on three-dot/more options than info/group info.
  • Or tap on three-dot/more options than find email chat history.

Exporting the chat or emailing may not attach the media file while exporting chat or group chat info cross-check your exported data.
Whatsapp allows you to backup your chat and media files to Onedrive, then you may opt that option if you want complete data backup.

Whatsapp also mentioned in the FAQ section that those older devices which are running in Android 2.3.7 and IOS 8 are not able to create a new account.
Moreover, they cant verify there existing account from Feb 1. Either they have to switch to a new device or update the existing operating system.

Here is the list of operating system versions supported by WhatsApp.

  • Android Operating System 4.0.3+.
  • Apple’s IOS 9+
  • KaiOS 2.5.1+ (JioPhones)

Whatsapp is constantly working and bringing new features in its latest update to make messaging experience more smother. Currently, Whatsapp is working on call waiting, battery saver and many more features like these. Its also working on features like group privacy, self-destruct messages to ensure user’s privacy.

Update and backup your device to prevent your Whatsapp data loss. There are very few weeks left as it’s already mentioned in the Whatsapp FAQ page.


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