Do You Know? Windows OS Versions Till Now Part 1

Here is the complete list of Windows OS Versions till 2022. With release date and code names.

1. MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System

Released on August 1981 This OS Cost $40 USD Microsoft Disk Operating System developed by Microsoft for IBM. This was the first OS by Microsoft.

2. Windows 1.0

Released on November 20, 1985 This OS Cost $99 USD Microsoft named this version Windows 1.0 due to the computing boxes

3. Windows 2.0

Released on December 9, 1987 This OS Cost $100 USD This version comes with desktop icons, keyboard shortcuts and improved graphics support.

4. Windows 3.0

Released on May 22, 1990 This OS Cost $149.95 USD This version comes with new icons, performance and advanced graphics with 16 colors designed for Intel 386 processors.

5. Windows NT 3.1 – 4.0

Released on July 27, 1993 This OS Cost $495 USD Windows NT (New Technology) was a 32-bit operating system developed to support preemptive multitasking.

6. Windows 95

Released on August 24, 1995 This OS Cost $209 USD This was the major upgrade to the Windows OS. It supported 32-bit applications, which written specifically for this OS.

7. Windows 98

Released on June 25, 1998 This OS Cost $209 USD This Version comes with new technologies, including FAT32, AGP, MMX, USB, DVD, and ACPI. Its most visible features.

8. Windows 2000

Released on February 17, 2000 This OS Cost $319 USD This was an OS for desktop and laptop  to run software applications, connect to Internet  and access files, printers.