Do You Know? Windows OS Versions Till Now Part 2

Here is the complete list of Windows OS Versions till 2022. With release date and code names.

9. Windows Millennium Edition (ME)

Released on June 19, 2000 This OS Cost $209 USD This is known as Windows Me. It  was an update to the Windows 98 some features that would be part of the Windows 2000 OS.

10. Windows XP

Released on October 25, 2001 This OS Cost $299 USD Windows XP focused on mobility. Includes plug-and-play features for connecting to wireless networks.

11. Windows Vista

Released on January 30, 2007 This OS Cost $399 USD This offered an advancement in reliability, security, ease of deployment, performance and manageability over Windows XP.

12. Windows 7

Released on October 22, 2009 This OS Cost $319 USD This version was released in conjunction with Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7’s server counterpart.

13. Windows 8

Released on October 26, 2012 This OS Cost $119 USD Windows 8 was a completely redesigned OS that’s been developed from the ground up with touchscreen use.

14. Windows 10

Released on July 29, 2015 This OS Cost $199 USD This was the successor to Windows 8. This featured fast start-up, built-in security, and the return of the Start Menu in an expanded form.

15. Windows 11

Released on October 5, 2021 This OS is Free (for Windows 10 users) Windows 11 came with a new visual design, updated apps, touchscreen optimizations, and multitasking features.