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Do you know? Now, Snapchat is helping it's users to find the best restaurants to eat nearby.

Snapchat unveils it's new feature which will help users to find the best places to eat nearby. 


It can be find on new filter on its Snap Map. A list of restaurant which are close to a user’s location. All approved restaurants will be listed there which are highly rated. 

Where can you find this?

Snap users can also bookmark restaurants for later and they can share their favorite restaurants with friends via chats.

Other features

Currently this feature is only available for some US cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London.  Snapchat has not disclosed the upcoming roll outs. 

Feature Availability 

As per now to use this new feature, users need to turn on geolocation on snapchat and activate the layer in the Snap Map menu.

Final Words