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Microsoft Claims, Microsoft Teams Got A Performance Upgrade For  Windows 11 Can You Spot the Difference?

Tech Giant Microsoft has claimed Microsoft Teams for Windows 11 is now More Faster. Due to changes on the core they have made.

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Claimed that latency when scrolling chat list has improved by 11.4%, and scrolling channel list has improved by 12.1%. Users can experience speed.

Noticeable Changes 

Teams desktop performance indicates latency cut and the page loading time reduced for messaging also lags free meetings.

Noticeable Changes 

1. Opening a chat window improved by 25%.  2. Switching threads improved 17.4%. 3. Switching between chat threads has improved by 3.1%.

Noticeable Changes 

As per reports Microsoft Teams are now 95% faster than before. From the launched day in 2016, Microsoft Teams is improved a lot as a group-chat app.

Final Words