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Before diving into Two Step Authentication setup, let us just know why we need it. In the past few years, there were massive user data leaks occur which puts the user in trouble. Most of the personal data info is store in online accounts like Google, outlook, etc. Day by day cybercrime and malicious attacks are increasing against common peoples, companies, Govt firms. And there is nothing by which it can be reduced or stop. As for now, we can only take the best precautions and security measures.

Thanks to our developer who created one extra layer of security in the form of Two Step Authentication. Let’s begin and know what is Two Factor Authentication or 2FA, and why you need this.

What Is Two Step Authentication Or 2FA?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security layer or process by which your online account provider verify it’s you twice. This provides you highest security than the typical authentication process. Typical auth refers to a single time password enter to access your service or data. This will add on an extra option by which you have to verify your identity whether it can be a One-time password, security key, or passcodes.

How To Enable Two Step Authentication Using Mobile.

Enable your Security feature by just following simple steps mentioned below with images.

1- Tap on the Setting option on your mobile device.

2- Now Scroll down and click on the Google.

3- Click on the Manage your Google Account, below your email id.

4- Under the navigation bar click on the Security to expand the security options.

5- Now click on the 2-Step Verification.
(Sometimes Use your phone to sign in option may enable, which may differ options)

6- Your page will be redirected to the 2-Step Verification page. Simply click on the Get Started to begin the setup.

7- Enter your Account Password to verify your identity and hit next to proceed.

8- Now Enter your mobile number in which you want to receive your OTP. Then select one option by which you want to revive OTP either by Text message or Phone call.

9- Enter the Code you received and hit Next. (Press resend or press back to switch code receiving method)

10- Here is the final step to enable 2-Step Verification, just click Turn ON.

11- After turning on the 2-Step Verification, click on Setup under Backup Codes. We need to set up a backup method. By which we can access our account when we are not able to receive codes.

12- Now your 10 backup codes will be generated, you can either download it or you can print it in a single click.

Great work you have successfully turned on the Two Step Authentication using your mobile device.

Note– All the options may vary in different devices.

Simple Steps To Enable Two Step Authentication Using Desktop.

If you are a desktop using this method will be useful for you, all the options are quite similar to mobile options. Let’s heads up to the setup.

1- Open Chrome browser or any browser in which your Google account is signed in. Now tap on the picture icon on the top right corner to expand and tap on the Manage your Google Account.

Manage Your Google Account
Step- 1

2- Click on the Security option on the left navigation panel, as shown in step-2.

Account Security Option
Step- 2

3- Under the Security you can find that 2-Step Verification is off for now. Just click on it to enable.

Two Step Verification
Step- 3

4- Here are some details about 2-Step Verification why you should enable the option. Read it carefully and press Get Started.

Two Step Authentication Get Started
Step- 4
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5- Google by default use Google prompt if you have a smartphone device. To add your phone number in Two Step Authentication click on Show more options the click on Text message or Voice call.
After selecting press Try It Now option on the bottom right corner.

Text Message or Voice Call
Step- 5

6- Now enter your Mobile Number and select the codes receiving option and hit Next.

Phone number
Step- 6

7- Type down the codes you received in your mobile number to verify that your number is active.
Then press Next.

Two Step Authentication OTP
Step- 7

8- After successfully verifying your mobile number, just press Turn On for final confirmation.

Final Step of Two Step Authentication
Step- 8

9- Let’s generate some Backup Codes for your Google Account, by hitting the Set Up button under Backup Codes. You can download these codes and print them, it will be helpful for you when codes are not received in mobile.

Backup Codes
Step- 9

But make sure all the backup codes should be in a safe place that no one can access them. If someone has your backup codes and email address then they can gain access to your account. Remembering those codes or saving them to a separate device will be the best option.

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Although your google account is now secured with the help of Two Step Authentication. But you always need to take care of your account by changing the password frequently, updating the backup codes. Likewise your mobile device your online accounts also need security updates to stay secure.

Note- Options of Two Step Authentications may vary in different devices.

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