How To Turn Off Location Services On iPhone

Most of the peoples already know that location services are essential to deliver you the exact information like weather. But the GPS and other components like Bluetooth consume more battery than expected. So, if you are looking at how to turn off location services on iPhone devices. Then there are a few simple steps to disable location service on your device.

Location is nowadays use by every apps and website to show you the relevant content according to your location. But you don’t need to worry about your location data because now iPhone allows you to limit them. As per reports by The New York Times iPhone users are secure as compared to Android phone users. If you are thinking about the data the follow the simple steps below.

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How To Turn Off Location Services On iPhone

Turning location service off might stop some of your personal apps and Apple maps as well. After doing this you will not able to use Find My iPhone and Apple Maps for accurate location. Some iOS and iPadOS might use your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to determine your location. Before starting keep in mind that this process is going to disable it entirely.

  • Firstly open the Setting app.
  • Scroll down find Privacy and tap on it.
  • Now select Location Services.
  • Make sure your location Services is On
  • Now tap on the toggle button to turn off Location Services.
  • All Done.

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How To Turn Off Location Services On iPhone For Specific Apps

Location is something which is necessary for some apps like food order, cabs, etc. But sill you feel that some apps might not need location info then you can disable it separately. Later on, if you need that app you can re-enable it while using the app. Let’s dive into the steps of how to turn off location services on iPhone for separate apps.

  • Open your phone Setting.
  • Scroll Down and tap on Privacy
  • After that tap on Location Services
  • Cross-check once that Location Services is On
  • Now scroll down and find all the apps that are using your location. Then select the specific app you want to limit the access to location.
  • After selecting the app you will able to see options like Always, While Using the App, and Never. Just select one of the options you want.

You might not see some of the options in some apps because those apps are not able to run without the location. iPhone camera and some other Apple’s own apps need the location service to work efficiently.

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How To Turn Off Location Services On iPhone Shared Individually In iOS 14

If you are looking how to turn off location services on iPhone shared individually on iOS 14.
Apple Find My Device option always use your location. This option can be found under the Share My Location option. If your device lost this option will be your life savings to find your lost device. In iOS 14 Find My Device option is put on always use of the location. You might change and turn off this under.

  • Open Setting
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Tap on Location Services
  • Now select Share My Location
  • Here’s the Find My Device Option.

Location services might seems to very critical things which can not be shared easily to any one. We always take care of other data and sharing but at the time of location sharing we generally share it with apps and peoples. Above ways will help you to take control of your location data and your privacy.

Note – Latest Operating system haves more privacy features inbuilt to take control.

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