How To Save Desktop Restarting Time In Windows 10?

How To Save Desktop Restarting Time In Windows 10?

How To Save Desktop Restarting Time In Windows 10?
Windows 10 is the most used Operating system personally and by big organization. Now it comes with all the latest desktop and laptop pre-installed on it. If you are new to windows 10 or you have recently switched to it then this blog is for you. If you are reading this blog post, then this blog might help you to optimize your home or office desktop. Let’s begin and see How To Save Desktop Restarting Time In Windows 10?

How does it will save your restarting time?

When you start or restart your desktop every time whole background service and other background tasks start/load on the system. This process takes lots of time to start your desktop. If you use your computer very often then instead of restarting you can simply log off or sign out your computer.

Logging off or signing off your computer means all the tasks running in the desktop along with the background will close. After logging off you will see the Windows 10 Log-in screen that means your computer is still running but with low power usage.

This process will help you to quickly access the computer without waiting for its booting and restarting process.

How can you Sign Out or Log Off from Windows 10?

There are multiple ways to put your computer to the log-in screen. We will cover all those ways by which you can sign out your device faster. You might be familiar with some of the steps, so let’s get into it and show you how to Sign Out or Log Off from Windows 10.

Sign Out using the keyboard shortcut.

1. Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • Simply click on Ctrl, Alt and Del button at the same time on the keyboard.
  • By Clicking this a screen will appears which will give you options to Lock, Switch user, Sign out and Task manager.
  • Then choose the Sign-out Option.
Ctrl + Alt + Del button click option
to Save Desktop Restarting Time

This shortcut works on both windows 7 and windows 10 desktops. This is the most familiar shortcut we often use every time when the computer gets Hang and we want to get in Task manager.

2. Alt + F4
  • Press the Alt and F4 button synchronically.
  • Then a Pop-up menu will appear named Shut Down Windows.
  • Now choose the sign-out option from the drop-down menu and click Ok.
Alt + F4 button click pop-up menu

This is the most used keyboard shortcut command to shut down the computer. It’s coming along with all windows versions. The pop-up menu offers many options that could be performed with a single click.

3. Windows Key + X
  • Just press Win and X key to open the menu.
  • This menu has Shut down or sign out option situated at the bottom find and move your mouse on it.
  • Once you will move the mouse on Shut down or sign out option it will extend and the Sign-out option will appear.
  • Now click on the Sign-out option.
Win + X button option

The Winx keyboard shortcut is also used to access options like Task manager, File Explorer, Settings, Search, Run, and many more options.
It’s also known as Windows Power User Menu.

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Sign Out using the Windows OS Option.

1. Start Menu
  • Move your mouse cursor to the windows icon or just click on the windows key.
  • Now move the cursor to the user profile icon which you want to sign-out and then click on it.
  • By clicking on it the extended menu contain the sign-out option, simply click on it to sign-out.
Windows Power User menu

This is a basic way to sign-out the user using windows option. When you click on the user icon you have some more options by which you can Lock or you can change user Account Settings.

2. Cortana Or By Search Bar
  • Drag your cursor to search bar or simply click on the windows key.
  • Now type logoff on the search bar.
  • After searching the logoff run command will appear on the top of the search just click on open or press Enter button.
search bar log off

We use the search bar for multiple uses like for searching files or web searches. This can be used for the command search as well.

3. Run Command
  • Click Windows key and the R key at the same time to open run command prompt.
  • Now type logoff on run command and click ok to log off your computer.
Run command log off

The Run command is mostly used to clear the system temporary files and to perform administrator tasks.


Here is the complete guide how can you sign-out or log off from Windows 10 using these simple steps. While logging off the computer make sure you have saved all your tasks and files. Windows will directly close the files open and task running in the background, but sometimes it shows a pop-up to save your task.


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