How To Enable Fingerprint Lock On Whatsapp?

How To Enable Fingerprint Lock On Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is one of the most used social networking applications. Fingerprint lock is the best feature in the latest smartphones to ensure the privacy of the user. The Fingerprint lock feature is limited to phone lock in stock android devices, but from now you will be able to lock your Whatsapp via Fingerprint Lock.

The Fingerprint Lock feature is already available for IOS users from a long time. Whatsapp has pushed this feature to Android users in the latest update, which means from now anyone is trying to open your Whatsapp will have to authenticate Fingerprint saved on your phone.

Whatsapp is consistently working on new features like fingerprint lock to ensure user privacy. This is one of the best features for stock android devices and for those devices which doesn’t have an inbuilt app lock.

Step by Step Guide to enable Fingerprint Lock on Whatsapp.

Firstly you have to make sure that your Whatsapp is updated to the latest version. To check your Whatsapp version follow the steps.

  • Locate Whatsapp on your Phone and Open Whatsapp. Then click on the right top corner on three dots to expand menus.
  • Click on Settings.

  • Scroll down and locate Help and click on Help(FAQ, contact us, privacy policy).
  • Click on App Info and Verify your Whatsapp version with the latest updated version which is Version – 2.19.308. If the version doesn’t match then open PlaySatore and update your Whatsapp.
  • Click on the right top corner on three dots.
  • Then click on Settings.
  • Now tap on the Account(Privacy, Security, Change Number) option.
  • After opening the Account setting tap on the Privacy option.

  • In Privacy Menu scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click on Fingerprint Lock Option.
  • The fingerprint option will remain disabled by default, to enable this feature click on the toggle button.
  • When you will enable Fingerprint Lock it will ask you to put your finger to verify your Fingerprint data saved on your phone.
  • Automatically lock is a preference that will lock your Whatsapp after exiting the application. You can select your preference between three-option when you want to lock down your Whatsapp.

Note- This feature can only be avail on Fingerprint(Rear & In-Display Fingerprint) enable devices. Without a physical Fingerprint, this feature can’t be enable.

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