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If you are searching for how to change the Google account password. This means you are concern about your privacy and security. Our life’s gonna digital but with digitalization, we forget about our security and privacy. Changing the account password should be our first priority but we did this only when we are in some trouble.

Google account password and Gmail password is the same, you should change it frequently. It’s best practice to ensure your security and privacy.
Here is the step by step guide by which you can change your account password easily by using phone or desktop.

Step By Step Guide To Change Google Account Password On Mobile

Step 1- Head’s up to your phone screen and click on the phone Settings.

Step 2- Now scroll down and find Google on your settings options and tap on it.

Step 3- Now tap on Manage Your Google Account, shown in the image below.

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Step 4- After that, a web-view will open. Tap on the Personal info option on the top bar.

Step 5- Under the personal info click on password. It will display your last changed password date as well.

Step 6- After clicking on the password, it will ask you to verify it’s you by entering your current password. Enter your password and hit the Next button.

Step 7- Now you have to enter your New Password. Make sure your password is strong enough. Enter twice and click next.

Step 8- In the next screen, you will see your password is successfully changed. You may take additional Security check-up by just taping on Get started.

Congratulations you have successfully changed your Google account password now your account is secure.

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Step By Step Guide To Change Google Account Password On Desktop

Before we start the process to change the google account password, you make sure that you have logged in with the correct account. If you are using a different browser like Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge then visit the Gmail webpage and complete the login process.
Note– The process mentioned below is executed using the Google Chrome browser.

Step 1- Open your Chrome Browser and tap on your Google profile image at the top right corner. Now tap on the Manage Your Google Account.

Manage Your Account
Step- 1

Step 2- Now click on the second option which is Personal info on the left side of your screen.

Google Account Personal Info
Step- 2

Step 3- Here you can see your complete Personal info. Now click on the Password option to change your password.

Google Account Password And Personal Details
Step- 3

Step 4- After clicking on password google will verify whether it’s you or someone else by popping up the password window. Enter your password and proceed.

Google Account Password
Step- 4

Step 5- Here is the final step now enter your New Password, including special character, an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and some numeric. This will help you to create a strong password by including all suggested keywords.

Google Account Password Enter
Step- 5

Step 6- After putting your Password twice now click enter. This will pop up a notification. Which will tell you that after changing your password all devices will be log out automatically except your default phone.
Hit “OK, change password” to proceed.

Step- 6

Kudos! you did it your google account password changed. changing passwords via the web is the most secure way instead of a mobile phone. But your account will stay secure only if you change the password and security settings frequently. We use to store many things in our google accounts, that’s why we should take care of its security too.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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