Activision Call of Duty Hacked

The biggest data breach is been take place two days back and affected over 500,000 Activision accounts. Activision Call of Duty is the most popular game among the youngsters. As per the latest report, over 500,000 user data has been leaked. Which includes username, password, and some other sensitive data of users. Various gaming lovers and public figures have shared the leak-evidence.

This leak may affect various gamers because most of them use it to save various personal details. Personal details may include phone numbers, emails, payment details, and maybe residential addresses. Activision has not disclosed any information about what exact data leaked. Although Activision Call Of Duty has issued a statement on this and suggested the users safeguard their accounts.

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Activision Call of Duty Mobile

The Activision Call of Duty Mobile hack was firstly reported on Twitter by a user named oRemmy. After that many gamers and creator has confirmed the biggest data breach. Yesterday Activision support has posted a tweet and told the user to follow some steps to stay secure and maybe you are at risk.

Before the Activision Support tweet, TheGamingRevolution tweeted and ask his followers to change their password of Activision accounts because hackers are apparently generating 1,000 accounts every 10 minutes.
Many peoples are suggesting to enable 2FA on your gaming accounts as well as your personal accounts. But sadly the Activision does not support Two-Factor Authentication, you have to manually remove all access associated with that account.

Credit – TheGamingRevolution

Activision has not totally agreed or denied the biggest data breach of millions of Call of Duty Mobile users. But they release a message which says “reports suggesting Call of Duty accounts have been compromised are not accurate”. And promised that they are investigating all privacy concerns. However, they advise the user to take the best precautions to protect their accounts from such attacks.

As for now, the accurate data breach information is not available. But to stay secure unlink your google accounts linked with Call of Duty and Activision. And If you have Battlenet, PSN, Xbox then unlink those accounts as well.

  1. Visit Google My Account Page on chrome or mobile.
  2. Now tap on the Security.
  3. After that scroll and Find Third-party apps with account access then click on Manage third-party access.
  4. Under Manage third-party access you will find the Call of Duty and Activision.
  5. Simply tap on it and click on Remove Access.

Great you have unlinked your Google account from Activision Call Of Duty Mobile now you have to follow and visit other gaming sites which are linked with it.

Photo by Fábio Silva on Unsplash

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